The T&DFG was founded in 1987 by a group of local residents concerned that the footpaths around the town were not being walked regularly and some were at risk of being lost forever. 

We have a walk every Tuesday from April to October each year. 

We start at the long stay car park near the Tetbury Goods Shed (GL8 8EY). 

Tetbury walks

Tetbury footpath group

The purpose of the Group is to encourage the use of, and to maintain and keep open the public footpaths in the district.  To this end the Group will prepare and issue leaflets about walks and arrange and publicise a programme of walks from spring to early autumn.  It will liaise as necessary with the County Council over any problems relating to footpaths and advise Tetbury Town Council or the appropriate Parish Council of any such problems if deemed necessary.  The Group may also, on occasion, organise walks outside the immediate area of Tetbury for the enjoyment of members.


Membership is open to any person interested in furthering these aims, subject to payment of the appropriate annual subscription.

Always abide by the Country Code


  • Guard against all risk of fire.

  • Be sure to leave gates as you find them.

  • Keep your dog under close control at all times.

  • Keep to public paths across farm land.

  • Use gates and stiles to cross fences, hedges and walls.

  • Leave livestock, crops and machinery alone.

  • Leave no litter.

  • Safeguard water supplies.

  • Protect wildlife, plants and trees. Don't pick flowers.

  • Be careful on country roads. Walk on the right.

  • Make no unnecessary noise.

  • Enjoy the countryside and respect its life and work.


There are many springs in this area - and Cotswold mud is notably sticky - so walkers are well advised to wear strong shoes or walking boots in all but the driest weather.



Please remember that the local area is farmland and it is not uncommon for you to come across horses or other livestock in the fields. Dog owners are reminded they have a legal responsibility to keep their dog under close control, usually on a lead.

In fields where crops are growing follow the footpath wherever possible. 


At all times you are expected to use your own judgement regarding personal safety before proceeding along any of the given routes. Areas are often muddy, even in dry conditions, and the state of the footpath can change suddenly. So please ensure you wear appropriate footwear, with good grip and have waterproof clothing with you.


Chair: John Burton

Hon. Secretary: Phil Woodcock

Hon. Treasurer: Julian Upton

Walks Coordinator: Chris Chater

Publicity and Information: Nigel Berry

Other Committee Members: Chris French, Moira Hardwick, David Smith